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Cricket Quiz Questions and Answers general knowledge

Q.-1. Whose book is “Sunny Days”?

Ans. Sunil Gavaskar

Q.-2. Which cricketer is known as “Rawalpindi Express”?

Ans. Shoaib Akhtar

Q.-3. Name of the First Captain of India ODI Team?

Ans. Ajit Wadekar

Q.-4. When were Test Matches first televised?

Ans. 1938 in England.

Q.-5. Who is the heaviest cricketer of all times?

Ans. Warwick Armstrong.

Q.-6. The first Indian cricketer to score a double century in Tests match?

Ans. Polly Umrigar, 223 against New Zealand

Q.-7. Who is the only Indian player to score two triple century in Test matches?

Ans. Varinder Sehwag

Q.-8. The Ashes – Who were the head coaches of each side in 2019?

Ans. Australia – Justin Langer, England – Trevor Bayliss.

Q.-9. Who was ‘the Man of the match’ in the 1975 World Cup final?

Ans. Clive Lloyd.

Q.-10. The first batsman to complete 10,000 runs in Test cricket?

Ans. Sunil Gavaskar

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Cricket Quiz Questions For GK

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Which cricketer had scored highest individual score in Test cricket?

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Which cricketer has taken most catches in ODI cricket?

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 Which cricketer had scored most test runs in a calendar year?

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Which cricketer had scored most runs in a Test series?

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Which cricketer had scored most runs in a Test match?

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Which cricketer had scored fastest century in Test cricket?

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Which cricketer had scored fastest century in ODI cricket?

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Which cricketer had scored most centuries in first-class cricket?

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Which cricketer had scored highest individual score in ODI cricket?

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Which cricketer had scored highest individual score in first-class cricket?

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Q.-11. The first cricketer to score 100 hundreds in Test and ODI combined

Ans. Sachin Tendulkar

Q.-12. Where is the headquarters of the International Cricket Council (ICC), the supreme body of cricket Located?

Ans. Dubai

Q.-13. Who is the highest wicket-taker in the history of Test cricket?

Ans. Muthiah Muralidharan (Sri Lanka)

Q.-14. When and where was the First Cricket world cup held?

Ans. 1975 in England

Q.-15. The First Player who took the Hat-Trick and then one more Wicket in next ball (4 Ball- 4 Wickets)?

Ans. Lasith Malinga (Sri Lankan Player) against South Africa in 2007

Q.-16. Cricket is the national sport of which country.

Ans. England, Australia

Q.-17. Deodhar Trophy is related to which game?

Ans. Cricket

Q.-18. Till 1889 how many balls an overused to be bowled?

Ans. Four

Q.-19. Which is the oldest cricket club in the world?

Ans. M.C.C. (Marylebone Cricket Club), London

Q.-20. Which game is called crease, duck, and driver word related to?

Ans. Cricket

Q.-21. Which Indian cricketer has led the team in most Test matches?

Ans. Mahendra Singh Dhoni 53 matches

Q.-22. The first Indian woman to score a double century in the cricket Test match

Ans. Mithali Raj [against England, 214 runs]

Q.-23. Which player was honoured by the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award 2007?

Ans. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Q.-24. What is the Test Cricket Series between England and Australia called?

Ans. Ashes

Q.-25. The distance between the popping crease and the bowling crease is:

Ans. 4 feet.

Q.-26. The West Indies hit 421 batting first in their warm up match versus who?

Ans. New Zealand.

Q.-27. What was the official name of the first World Cup?

Ans. Prudential World Cup.

Q.-28. What town are the Derbyshire County Cricket club based in?

Ans. Derby.

Q.-29. The prize money of Prudential World Cup for the winner amounted to:

Ans. 4000 dollars.

Q.-30. Who won the maximum sixes award for the IPL 2008 season?

Ans. Sanath Jayasuriya.

Q.-31. In first class Indian matches, the maximum distance allowed from pitch to the boundary/ line is:

Ans. 75 yards.

Q.-32. Which national team are called “Baggy Greens”?

Ans. Australia.

Q.-33. The 1975 World Cup, the first of its kind was played at:

Ans. Lord’s London.

Q.-34. When was overarm bowling accepted as legal?

Ans. 1864.

Q.-35. What was total number of matches played in the 1975 World Cup?

Ans. Fifteen.

Q.-36. Australia – Who registered their highest individual score?

Ans. David Warner – 166 v Bangladesh.

Q.-37. Who won the first World Cup, 1975?

Ans. West Indies.

Q.-38. When was the Durham County Cricket Club founded?

Ans. 1882.

Q.-39. What was the margin of West Indies victory over Australia in the first (1975) World Cup final?

Ans. 17 runs.

Q.-40. Who was the player of the IPL 2017 season?

Ans. Ben Stokes.

Q.-41. Which cricketing law classifies throwing to be illegal?

Ans. Law 24.

Q.-42. The Ashes –  Who scored the highest individual score for each side in 2019?

Ans. Australia – Steve Smith 211, England – Ben Stokes 135.

Q.-43. How many minutes before play should the umpires take the field?

Ans. Five.

Q.-44. What is New Zealand cricketer Brendon McCullum’ nickname?

Ans. Bazz.

Q.-45. India achieved its first Test victory against Australia in:

Ans. Kanpur, 1959-60.

Q.-46. Who was the Man of the Match in the first One-Day International?

Ans. John Edrich of England.

Q.-47. Which Indian player was ‘rusticated’ and sent back during the 1936 English tour?

Ans. Lala Amarnath.

Q.-48. Bangladesh – Who was their top run scorer?

Ans. Shakib Al Hasan – 606.

Q.-49. What is Australia’s highest score against India?

Ans. 674 at Adelaide.

Q.-50. What town are the Essex County Cricket Club based in?

Ans. Chelmsford.